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sacan – South Asian Conservation Network


SACAN services was established in 2007 with the aim to combat resource degradation caused by conservative agricultural practices being followed to meet food, feed, fiber and shelter requirements, particularly in South Asian countries. SACAN, through its subsidiaries, SACAN Foundation, SACAN Consultants and SACAN Supplies provides its valued input in the promotion, research, evaluation and development of Resource Conservation Technologies besides supply of technical knowledge, human resources, machinery and equipment to the public as well as private enterprises. SACAN also works in close liaison with following local, regional and international networks of its kind International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), and donor agencies like USAID, ADB, FAO and World Bank. Presently SACAN is participating in various mega developments being undertaken in the agriculture and water sector to address issues like;

  • International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
  • International Center for Resource in Dry Land green (ICARDA)
  • International Wheat & Maize Improvement Center
  • African Conservation Tillage Network (ACT)
  • European Conservation Agriculture Network (ECAF)
  • Mining of soil nutrients
  • Declining of organic matter
  • Increasing salinity/sodicity
  • Depletion and poor quality of groundwater
  • Controlling build up of weeds and pests

Another important factor in the stagnation of productivity could be traditional way of cultivation that uses multiple tillage operations. Recently, Resource Conservation Technologies have been developed in the South Asian region that use natural resources more efficiently and accordingly, minimize environmental degradation.

Effective linkages with farmers and other stakeholders are pre-requisite to accelerate the transmission of these innovations to the user community. A more participatory approach among an expanded set of stakeholders will be needed to accelerate adoption of more efficient technologies. On the contrary, it will be extremely difficult to confront the hunger knocking at the door.

The importance and need for a network for promotion of conservation agricultural practices in the region were emphasized in an international workshop on conservation tillage - A viable option for sustainable agriculture in Eurasia held at Shortandy, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan, September 19-24, 1999. Subsequently, its existence was endorsed by the International workshop on Conservation Agriculture for Food Security and Environmental Protection in Rice-Wheat Cropping Systems held at Lahore, Pakistan, February 6-9, 2001. Accordingly, a broad structure for South Asian Conservation has been established to promote resource conserving agricultural technology in south Asian region.