Our mission is to bring a paradigm shift from Conservative to Conservation Agriculture for a quantum jump in an agricultural growth trajectory and its sustainability in order to:

  • improve Livelihoods
  • reduce poverty
  • foster food security
  • engage in environment-friendly agriculture

To accomplish SACAN’s mission we have set the following objectives:

  • Act as platform for sharing of information and its dissemination amongst farming communities
  • Imparting of On-the-Hand training to farmers or farmers cum service providers about promising efficient technologies to enhance land and water productivity
  • Carry-out studies, research and development for evaluation, socio-economic, technical and environmental aspects of RCTs on behalf of institutions and donor agencies
  • Provide consultancy assistance and services for conservation agriculture
  • Promote interaction amongst national, regional and international institutions for acquisition,  fine tuning and promotion of RCTs
  • Promote two-way trade within Pakistan and other South Asian countries in the region for Agricultural technologies, machinery and equipment
  • Ensure environmental protection and economically viable agriculture
  • Encourage collaborations with national networks and associations aiming at promotion of conservation agriculture

We have a large network of experts who employ state of the art knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Coordination with international, regional, national and provincial organizations for promotion of conservation agriculture
  • Promote adoption of Resource Conservation Technologies (RCTs)
  • Resources’ conservation and management
  • On Farm Water Storages
  • Brackish Ground Water Management
  • LASER Land Leveling
  • Zero Tillage
  • Bed and Furrow Irrigation
  • High Efficiency Pressurized (Drip and Sprinkler) Irrigation Systems
  • Crop Residue Management
  • Seed and Crop Production Technologies
  • Renewable Energy Technologies (Solar and Bio)
  • Rural Micro Credit and Financing Services
  • Development of Culture able Waste Land and Desert Agriculture
  • Plasticulture and Gated Pipe Irrigation
  • Social Mobilization and Community development
  • Woman Empowerment
  • Training and Capacity Building of Farmers, Service Providers and Farmers Organizations