Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation system is a high efficiency water use system and has following merits against surface irrigation methods:.

  • With high water use efficiency, maximum can be achieved with minimum use of water.
  • It saves time to irrigate all major, minor and vegetable crops including orchards.
  • Where topography is uneven, there is no need to level the agricultural fields for irrigation
  • It is the most appropriate irrigation system for all permeable soils.
  • There is a significant saving in terms of cost and labor.
  • Seed germination is faster and seedlings show better vigor compare to other methods of irrigation like surface and flood irrigation.
  • Amount of water being applied is less which keeps the runoff at minimum.
  • Vegetables, citrus orchards and other fruit trees can successfully be protected from frost.
  • Ground water-table can be controlled to save shallow rooted crops.