LASER Land Leveling

Precision Land Leveling was introduced in the Punjab during 1976-80 and about more than a million acres have been precisely leveled in the country so far. Initially, bucket type soil scrapers were used for precision land leveling, which have now been replaced by LASER beam guided automatic scrapers for more precision of land leveling work.

Technology was first introduced in Pakistan in 1985 with the import of a LASER unit from the USA. It was tested in Pakistan and due to acceptance of technology by the farmers; local fabrication of scrapers was started with the aim to minimize the overall cost of LASER units. To further reduce the cost and save foreign exchange on import of LASER units, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission was assigned the responsibility to manufacture the LASER units. 

Locally manufactured unit by the Atomic Energy Commission was introduced in year 2000 and its performance was satisfactory for commercial production which reduced the cost of the complete unit to about Rs. 300,000. Pakistan now has a full capacity to develop complete LASER land leveling units locally to meet growing demands by farming community. SACAN services now supply quality equipment to the farming community through its vendors.

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