Drip Irrigation

High Efficiency Irrigation Systems (HEIS) Drip & Bubbler

In this system, water and nutrients are applied directly to the plant roots instead of the whole fields through a network of pipes. As a result, it provides proper environment, air, water and fertilizer for the growth/development of plant.


  • Saving of water up to 50% 
  • Good crop quality and increased production by 25 -30 %
  • Enhanced water productivity
  • Leaching losses of nutrients are minimized
  • Proper and less use of fertilizer provides 40-50 % saving in inputs
  • Precision land leveling is not necessary
  • Provides water uniformly to all plants


  • Moisture content in root zone is maintained
  • Soil erosion is decreased
  • Reduced risk of disease
  • Less use of energy as the system operates on low head
  • Saving of time up to 40-50% and cost of production up to 20-30%
  • Timely and easy double sowing is possible
  • Less labor cost for irrigation and fertilization


  • High initial cost and maintenance requirements
  • Restricted plant root development
  • Salt accumulation near plants (along the edges of the wetted zone)
  • Application of insoluble or slightly soluble fertilizers such as super phosphate or
  • Sulphate of potash is not readily possible
  • Non availability of local material
  • Needs backup support Complicated/overdesigned systems
  • System cost higher for small land holdings
  • Farmers’ misconceptions about the system
  • Flat rate of electricity in case of Balochistan


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