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NGO Objectives – sacan

NGO Objectives

Our objective is to increase the pace of social development process in under privileged communities through multi-sector programs targeting the poorest of the poor, both in urban and rural communities.  Our special focus will be on small farmers, women and children. We are pursuing our objectives in the following sectors by:

 Agricultural Sector

  • Social mobilization, community development and training/capacity building of the rural communities to counter widespread hunger and poverty by adopting agriculture resource conservation technologies.
  • Establishing “SACAN Agriculture Services and Agriculture Literacy Centers” for skill attainment not only for farmers but also training and capacity building of agriculture service providers.
  • Acting as platform for sharing of information and its dissemination amongst farming communities.
  • Improving livelihoods through enhancement in agriculture productivity via innovative techniques and resource conservation technologies.
  • Carrying-out studies, research, developmental aspects on behalf of institutions and donor agencies
  • Promoting interaction amongst regional and national institutions for acquisition, fine tuning, and promotion of resource conserving agriculture technologies.


  • Setting up dispensaries for free medical treatment.
  • Raising awareness of the masses about healthy living style and basic precautions for disease prevention.


  • Setting up small schools to give children from poor families; access to quality education.
  • Starting a sustainable stipend and tuition assistance program for deserving and needy students.
  • Setting up adult education centers.

Disaster Management

  • Providing humanitarian assistance following natural disasters.

Legal Support

  • Providing free legal aid to financially constrained prisoners.
  • Providing free legal aid to woman suffering from domestic abuse.

Women Empowerment

  • Social mobilization, formation of own-help groups and capacity building for women empowerment.
  • Providing technical education to women in fields of handicraft, sewing, stitching and embroidery to make them economically active and prosperous.

Rehabilitation Program for drug addicted

  • Setting up rehabilitation center for drug addicted and helping them to become a useful part of the society.
  • Providing information and training about drugs abuse and narcotics among the youth and parents.

Special Education

  • Setting up education centers for special persons.